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The sacred syllables of ॐ[A-u-m or OM] are said to contain the very vibrational pattern made at the beginning of the universe. When your teacher or you chant your ॐ you are accepting your part in the ever-expanding universe. At Hॐ (AKA Home), we have included the ॐ syllable very specifically in everything we do. We want for everyone visiting to know that in all moments we are recognizing our part of this OM. But the idea of having a HOME is also important. The idea is that when you come here, you are a part of a family, which, for me, is so much more meaningful than a community. It sounds strange in today’s lingo, but what we mean is that we wish with all of our hearts that the entire community will become a family and our studio your home.

Hॐ will be offering a variety of Hatha Yoga classes exploring the richness of modern asana practice from Yin/restorative to level 2-3 Vinyasa flow classes; we will check out Ashtanga-inspired Hatha yoga as well as sampling from the Kundalini and Tantric disciplines. More than that, we will be offering study groups on yogic philosophy, diet, and literature to all. We are taking the yoga out of the 105 degree rooms and stretchy yoga pants, and we are bringing it back to our society as a whole. We think that our culture is ready to make this practice deeper than what corporate yoga has provided.

If all of this sounds too serious, don’t sweat it. (Unless you are in Chair Pose!) We also believe in wine and campfires and BBQs and dancing. We believe in Lila, or the creative nature of play. We believe in laughing a lot and aloud in the studio and out. We have decided to make yoga our lives…the science of yoga makes sense to us, the traditions and philosophies are accessible to everyone, the democratic and all-encompassing nature of yoga stemming all the way back to Patanjali gives hope for our society and species. Our general philosophy is in line with many: let’s work and do good things. Let’s work together to do what we are here to do which is to help each other in our paths of bettering our present.

Obviously, we will provide you with kick-ass classes for every style and temperament, but we will also offer for you to join us for our surf sessions, charity work, excursions near and afar, or simply to sit around a fire. So, if you are looking for a studio to offer you challenges on every level, you’ve found it.

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