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Our First Video

Our First Video

March 22, 2018

What’s up, Yogis?
In an attempt to express a deeper understanding of Yoga hOMe, we decided to tell the story of the studio through video. The following film was scripted, shot, produced, and

What's up Yogis

What's Up Yogis

March 15, 2018

I am so excited for our new studio opening in Costa Mesa, CA!
hOMe is manned (well, mostly wo-manned) by some extraordinary yogis and I would love to introduce myself and them to you.
My name is Scott Underwood. My general style of asana practice may not be what you think of when you

Welcome Home

Welcome Home

February 16, 2018

So here we go!

The team is being assembled, the information disseminated, and the bodies are being buried. Sounds dramatic for a new yoga studio opening smack dab in the middle of the OC. Right? Well, it is dramatic. As Rachel Pedroso wrote about our new studio hOMe: “I expect growing